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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  December 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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per hour. philadelphia 45 miles per hours and wilmington the same and 44 in atlantic city and clocking in at 52 miles per hour in the poconos. with those strong winds it feels like one lonely degree in reading and 2 lancaster and 5 in the city of philadelphia. and 7 below in the poconos and even the shore windchills in the single digits. in fact tonight once the sunsets it's going be quite a bitter night. the forecast low for philadelphia drops to 15 degrees, in fact that makes it the coldest december temperature that philadelphia has seen in years. not only the temperature buzz by tomorrow morning windchills between zero and 5 below. and same for the northwest suburbs. 0 to 5 above through most of southern new jersey and the state of delaware. up in the poconos there is a windchill advisory in effect
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from 9:00 tonight until 9:00 tomorrow morning with the windchills downpours to as low as 15 degrees below zero. and then we track a weekend storm. this is spreading to the east with its moisture and a messy mix starting as snow and then sleet and a whole lot of rain for the upcoming weekend and we'll have the timing on all of that in what to expect in the full accuweather forecast. >> see you when you come inside. "action news" reporter, gray hall is braving the bitter cold in dillworth park. >> reporter: well, cold. is an understatement. we can tell you that old man winter is no longer knocking, he is herean you do it bundle up. cold weather lovers are rejoicing but the rest of us are not. >> freezing our butts off. >> employees with holiday days
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nursery, have you an outdoor solves love it or hate it dealing with the cold is part of the job. >> i don't like cold. but it's work got to do it. 20s and teens with the windchill making it feel even colder makes even the toughest of us bundle up. >> you have to dress in layers. i do home health care i'm out here all day in the cold. got to bundle up. >> it's a fight that mother nature usually wins but there are brave souls like madeleine with who took a drive along kelly drive. >> the freezing makes you run faster and it's refreshing. >> the arctic chill is an unwelcome arrival for many people and people can still find the wormth in the season. >> it's christmas time and it brings people together. the cold, i can do without it. but yeah. >> that time of year. >> exactly. i have someplace warm to go i
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can't complain. >> all right so some people finding the positive side to this cold weather, something else that is positive. the homeless is not forgotten during the cold blast many places in acting code blue and getting the homeless off the streets and into shelters all the information is at our website at sharrie back to the warm studio. >> find a warm place gray. we woke up to a dusting of snow but this is what it looked like to the west. lake-effect snow is pummeling cleveland, ohio they are also facing negative windchills and buffalo new york is no stranger to snow and they are dealing with it on and off today. they are dealing with whiteout conditions and crashes that closed roads in areas. and make a constant companion during the
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arctic blast. you'll find everything that you need and our meteorologists post updates regularly on social media follow each of them on twitter and facebook. we have breaking news right now. the jury just found dillon roof guilty on all 33 federal charges against him. that decision came down after roughly two hours of deliberation, during the day's closing arguments, the jury said he was full of hate and racial ignorance when opening fire killing nine black worshippers at a church in south carolina. roof's defense is not denying he committed the crimes but they asked him to look at his state of mind calling him a suicidal loaner. that same jury decides the death penalty or life in prison. that phase begins in january. firefighters rescued a person from a burning vehicle in wood crest, delaware.
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this is video just in. an suv apparently lost control and then hit a tree in the 1,000 block of east newport pike. one person is headed to the hospital said to be in critical condition. temple students were asleep when an armed robber broke into their house. vernon odom now live outside of the temple university police department with the latest and the details on this investigation. >> reporter: good evening brian, temple university police pursuing their own intense manhunt tonight in the wake of a break-in and robbery just a few blocks in an apartment just off temple's campus. >> that is frightening, very frightening. >> reaction late today on word that a masked gunman broke into a temple university's students apartment on the 1900 block of 18th street. the victim told police that she
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and three coed roommates were asleep when she awakened to find a man in a ski mask and carrying a gun and stealing her belongings, he said nothing and she did not scream. >> as he was leaving and grabbing items, she saw a gun and he fled the house and he took a macbook laptop iphones and ran from the property. >> the victim called campus police right away with who sent out a blast on the school alert system. the rogue fled on foot and the man appears to be 20 to 25 years old may be the same suspect that pulled over a similar style robbery at a campus apartment about a month ago. they are trying to nail down video for this heist and fortunately nobody was injured. >> walk by myself at night sometimes and i haven't experienced anything like that. >> reporter: sharrie tonight
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police are working on a theory that the gunman robber got into an unlatched first floor window, the robbery was in a first floor apartment. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a philadelphia high school student is in police custody accused of taking a gun to school this morning. officials found the weapon as he walked into the randolph career academy in hunting park and they say that the gun was loaded. >> he went through the scanning process where school police discovered the weapon and they immediately secured the weapon and secured the students and philadelphia police were called and the school was placed in lockdown. >> police took ownership of that gun and then searched the building for other weapons, the lockdown was lifted almost an hour later when they determined there was no further threat. a delaware county man is facing felony charges after they found thousands of images
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depicting child pornography. he is accused of storing the images on various computers in his home and attempting to distribute them. some graphic images 5,000 of them featured children as young as 10 years old. police in bensalem say this man rammed two patrol cars when they tried to pull him over for two warrants. they gave chase and arrested christopher hess and he is facing charges now. a busy day for the trump transition day today. cabinet appointments are almost wrapped up and now another issue emerging, hacking performed by the russians, u.s. officials tell abc news, that russian president vladimir putin was directly involved in the hacking of the democratic national
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committee and he dismissed it as funny none exception and trump weighed in saying that democrats are the ones pushing the stories of election being rigged. >> the republican nomination for president was encouraging russia to hack his opponent. >> well, as for trump's cabinet mont congressman, ryan zimke is in favor of drilling and expressed skepticism about climate change. mr. trump is making a stop in hershey pennsylvania as he continues his thank you tour. time for a first check of the "action news" traffic report. lets go live to matt pellman. >> our climate is not so pleasant this afternoon. i'm certainly not going to
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complain about any sunshine but the bright sunshine is causing sun glare delays and may have contributed to this fender bender. on fox street to the boulevard. perhaps this person didn't see this person stopped. this is a dangerous ramp where accidents often happen. and it's building in quickly. on the big picture no sortage of other red zones like broomall approaching 16 miles per hour. and the work zone at cotman avenue and a crash creating a red zone leer on the vine street expressway eastbound near broad street and the accident is gone and the delay is not. still bumper to bumper traffic. earlier broken down vehicle on the westbound side has also cleared out of the way. an issue in pennsburg a crash is shutting down main street route 129, dot street is a local
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alternate. a fire location blocking off 32 main street and a fire in newark closing down chapel street and library avenue gets you around that. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report. in delaware big problems here with a crash on i-95 southbound 7 miles per hour as you head south toward christiana. we'll keep tabs on that in the next half hour. still ahead we have new details today about the driver allegedly behind the wheel during a deadly school bus crash in tennessee. find out what police say he was doing moments before that tragedy unfolded. >> plus, a new law is protecting consumers that want to voice their opinion about products online, what it means for customers and companies coming up.
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we have new details about the deadly school bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. police say that the 24-year-old driver, johnthony walker was going 20 miles over the speed limit. that was revealed during the court hearing. and that he left the designated bus route and using his cell phone. he is face can five counts of vehicular homicide. people caught in the cross hairs of civil war are finally being evacuated from aleppo, buses began removing people from the decimated city today. tens of thousands of people were trapped there and it could take days to get everyone out and the u.n. is trying to send observers to protect the evacuees.
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nearly $9 million and counting is how much money dolly parton's telethon raises for the people of tennessee. parton says the donations are still being tallied but stands at million, and the money will go to families that lost their primary residence in those fires. a man received burns after an e-cigarette exploded in his pocket. it left him unable to work and he filed a lawsuit. he used it to help him quit smoking, he is suing the product's maker and the vaping store that sold it to him. his law firm is filing law firms to several other clientses with similar injuries. police say they arrested a
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new jersey man for his eighth suspected dye and this time he was driving a backhoe. it shows the machine swerving on new road in south brunswick here. he was said to be actually drinking while driving it. a bottle of jack daniels and vodka. he has several prior dui convictions. if you are getting ready to travel this holiday season you are set to be part of a record breaking crowd. aaa projects that 300 million people will drive or fly to see loved ones. the agency says that this is the eighth straight year that holiday travel has increased. it's mostly fueled by lower gas prices and increased optimism about the economy. speaking of the economy, a look at closing numbers on wall street, three of them there, the
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dow up 60 points. and yesterday's drop is a result of those rising interest rates. just a one day phenomenophenome. and the s&p up 9 points on the day. now companies cannot go after customers that post negative feedback online. once someone posted a bad review they would file lawsuits saying they broke a contract that they agreed to. president obama signed the bill unanimously passed by the senate into law yesterday. >> i'm sure there are opinions about our weather today as well. as we get a check of the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist, adam joseph is here. look at that picture. >> this is one place that loves it, snowboarders and skiers, they are cranking up the snow. trying to add man made snow to
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the slopes here cranking it out all day tonight and tomorrow. before we get a good amount of rain as we go into our upcoming weekend. as we look at wind gusts, 35 in philadelphia, clocking in 35 is reading and 36 in lancaster and the winds are starting to calm down just a tad. we had winds well foo the middle to upper 40s for much of the day. it's creating windchills that are biting on the bare skin, 1 in reading and 12 lancaster and 7 in millville and atlantic see airport 5 degrees above zero. we had clouds that welled up with the instability and you see the snow showers and squalls on going. one impressive band from lake heron and passes tostate with bt part of new york state.
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back at home it's bitterly cold and clear, temperatures dropping to 10 and philadelphia 15 and the same for millville. winds in dover 15 to 20 miles per hour. that throws the windchills into single digited. 4 is what it feels like in philadelphia at 6:00 in the morning. as the winds ease 5 to 10 miles per hour going foo tomorrow afternoon it will feel a whole lot warmer despite those are pretty cold temperatures. it will feel like the low 20s but far better feeling than today with the windchills in the single digits. as we get into the early hours of saturday morning, a warm front arrives and we see mixed precipitation break out. 6:00 saturday morning you see snow from philadelphia off to the north, and a mix of sleet, lancaster rain. and by lunch time on saturday, warm air fileters in the entire
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region and flips over to rain all the way up into the lehigh valley by lunch on saturday. so for that front end snow before it changes to some sleet and some rain here on saturday. we are looking at really nothing to maybe a coating far central southern new jersey as well as delaware. the 1 inch line is delaware and wilmington and trenton maybe an inch before it changes over and 3 inch line is near reading and allentown and 3 to 5 towards the poibs. the four day at 4:00 forecast, kind of a mess into the weekend quiet tomorrow after 28 degrees, the snow and sleet in the morning changing over to rain from south to north and the last is the lehigh valley to flip over. 48 for the high saturday afternoon and up to 60 very mild early sunday before temperatures crash sunday evening and only highs in the 30s again come monday and snow lovers look at that book end days, 20s and 30s
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and the warmth in time to be mainly rain over the weekend. some say that's not fair but we'll see if there are other chances in the seven day coming up. up next on "action news" today. a big surprise for local students dreaming of attending the united states naval academy. >> plus, a warning for shoppers who may be picking up big ticket items, many stores are offering the option to rent before you buy and it may not be what it seems, we'll explain in what's the deal. i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that make it all worthwhile. thank you santa!!! now lease the 2017 c300 for $389 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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santa and mrs. claus were in norristown today to help deliver a truck load of holiday decorations, a police escort led the way to the salvation army. the several tons of food will keep the pantry stocked for months and all the donations were collected during the patty simons food drive. a moving ceremony in
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delaware in the literal and figuretive sense. >> the action cam was in smyrna as a fleet of 18 wheelers made their way through to arlington national cemetery, part of the wreaths across america convoy paying tribute to toez that dies in service to america. the delaware state honor guard pipes and drums. they will be there this saturday for a wreath laying ceremony there. a dream come true for a military academy senior, he is guaranteed a spot at the united states naval academy. this was jacob hudson's emotional reaction after learning that he is senator chris coun's number one pick for the naval academy. hudson automatically gets in. hudson says he worked his entire life for this moment. >> i wanted to go to the naval academy since i was little and
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receiving this today from senator couns is an amazing honor. >> senator couns says that hudson stood out because of his academic and athletic success and elected student body president. >> congrats. taxes are on the rise for homeowners in montgomery county. well tell you about how much. people are not the only ones shivering from the freezing temperatures, so are the pets and owner could be breaking the law if they don't bring their dogs inside. we'll explain and talk about that. looking for a bargain on a big gift this holiday season? there is a program used at kmart sears and other stores that let you lease to own. but we have a warning coming up.
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a state just passed a new law that requires businesses to put up controversial signs in public restrooms, we'll talk about that in big talkers. and the touching moment when formerly conjoined twins were reunited since undergoing surgery. and people can put on extra layers when dealing with the
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arctic blasts and temperatures in the 20s. but for pets the temperatures could be dangerous or deadly and that could be considered a crime leaving them outside. nora muchanic is live in trenton with the details on this. important information nora. >> reporter: absolutely. it's cold enough. too cold for people to be outside. imagine a pet stuck outside. a furry coat is not enough to keep outdoor dogs and cats protected in this cold. they are in real danger in this weather. >> you can see them shivering. and cold. i think it's just a crime. >> leaving your pet outdoors in sub freezing temperatures is a crime that is why investigator joanne is roaming the streets of trenton looking for animals that are left out in the cold. >> even if they have shelter, when it's below 32 degrees, they have to be brought indoors.
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>> it's a big risk to the animals. >> the big risk is hypothermia, that could lower your core temperature and could be life-threatening and we worry about frostbite. >> doctor stacey says that continued exposure to cold could lead to frostbite on the animal's nose, lips and paws. these pit bull puppies were brought into the shelter after being found freezing. you may remember river, he was found frozen to the grown and he received medical care and survived. and lots of pet owners put jackets and sweaters on their animals when they go outdoors. >> he knows it's cold he waits for a sweater. >> animal experts say the sweaters can't hurt particularly for small dogs but humans need to remember that just because cats and dogs have fur it
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doesn't protect them from frigid temperatures for long. >> if you get cold the animals gets cold. when the temperature drops it gets cold. bring them in and keep them safe and keep them warm. >> animal control officers will continue their patrols around town asking owners to take in any pets left outside. violators can be subject to summons and fines. live in trenton, nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. despite the cold weather people are still enjoying the christmas village and skating rink at dillworth park. outside of city hall, this is a live look from the sky 6 hd camera a couple of brave souls out there. >> i can count them on my hand. the key is wearing layers out there to stay warm. adam joseph is live at the big board with how long the frigid temperatures will last. >> and keep moving, if they
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skate round and round they can heat up the core of the body. >> i'm just not going to skate today. >> quite the arctic plunge, we started at 34 degrees at 4:00 in the morning, and as you can see temperatures kept dropping as we went through the morning into the afternoon 27, by 7:00, 24 between 9:00 and noon and lost a couple more degrees since noon sitting at 22 degrees. our high came early in the morning as opposed to the afternoon. but those numbers don't tell the whole story, it's the frigid windchills through much of the day. 9:00 tonight feeling like 1 below in lancaster and 4 philadelphia and 10 below in the poconos and single digits far to the south. by friday morning, pretty much the same, single digits with temperatures feeling below zero to the north and west and it improves a little bit tomorrow afternoon with the southerly
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wind that is much lighter and feels like the teens to 20s across the area and could feel a good 15 to 20 degrees warmer tomorrow afternoon than what we are feeling right now. looking ahead we have a weekend storm as this arctic air is kicked out by warm southerly winds and snow and sleet to start your saturday morning, but most of the area. in fact the whole area will transition over to rain. and the timing of that and how much to expect in the seven-day forecast coming up in just a little bit guys. >> adam thanks, be sure to check for updated hourly forecast along with stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, and remember our meteorologists post updates regularly on social media. follow each of them on facebook and twitter. new jersey governor, chris christie, is one step closer to moving forward with a book deal. it proved it would loosen the state law to prophet from the
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book deal while in office it would raise salaries for lawmakers staffers and county prosecutors and judges across new jersey. the bill could be voted on by the full senate and assembly on monday. montgomery county property taxes are going up by 11% next year. today the county commissioner voted to raise taxes for the second consecutive year. a person that owns a $300,000 home would pay $66 in county taxes and voted to increase the hotel room rental tax from 1% to 2% and the revenue goes to the valley forge tourism board. a man whose beloved bike was stolen is reunited with his set of wheels and received a huge sign of support from the community. rick williams is live in the newsroom with this touching story. >> hi sharrie, it is touching, randy relies on his fat tire
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bike to get to each of his part-time jobs but yesterday that bike was stolen and was left with no way to get around and his neighbors took to facebook for help. reporter john rawlins shows the outpouring of support for randy in his time of need and how he got his bike back. and some teenagers can be reluctant to bundle up in this weather. how you can talk your kids into layering up as they head outside. until then back to you. >> see you in a bit. all right, well they are only in elementary school but already thinking about college, today 300 third graders from philadelphia schools when for a tour at la salle university. volunteers that led the field trip hope that it will inspire the children to stay on a path toward college acceptance and a local achievement chapter organized the outing.
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racks of clothing and tables full of toys will soon be given to families that need them. they collected this for the annual toy drive, the classmates run a charity together even toe their school closed 23 years ago they work out of their alumni headquarters. it's that time of year when sharing a meal with friends instantly creates a good time. they can agree with that. third graders in camden were treated to a festive holiday party, students and faculty of cooper medical school helped to pull off all of this food and fun, the third year for the holiday event of arts crafts and give-aways. the coast guard just off loaded a record amount of cocaine, we have details on where this was all confiscated. >> and another town in america was hit with contaminated water concerns this time in texas.
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>> and why the tsa postd this picture of a giant teddy bear on instagram. the important message they want travelers to know. and adam joseph is coming back with the full forecast from accuweather.
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we have breaking news here at 4:30 today. long time nba sideline reporter craig sager has died. he was phone for his flashy suit and probing questions, turner sports announced sager died after a battle with cancer. craig sager was 65 years old. >> one of the best to hold that position. people are rushing to stock up on bottled water in corpus christi, texas after learning that their tap water could be contaminated with a dangerous chemical. the chemical for making asphalt may have entered the water
4:41 pm
supply for 320,000 people. they say that boiling the water will not make it safe. and pep need to avoid the water all together until they can purify the entire system. the coast card came back to the port in florida with extra cargo. cocaine. they seized it from 27 different boats over the past couple of months. it has a street value of $317 million. it's one of the largest seizures in coast guard history and the drugs were confiscated on the western coast of south and central america. the conjoined california twins separated last week following a 17 hour marathon surgery is reunited for the first time sin the operation. eand anna are recovering in separate beds in the same room but could not see each other well. montheir parents and intensive
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care team at the childrens hospital in stanford were able to put them in the same bed. before the surgery they shared a bladder and liver and also a third leg. and the 2-year-olds continue to recover and are doing well. now to big talkers today, these controversial signs can be seen in public restrooms in oklahoma. a new law is created to have public restrooms to have sign for pregnant women. the way to cut down on abortions. it's set to go up in hospitals, nursing homes and restaurants that will licensed by the state department of health but did not approve money to pay for the signs, that means businesses and other organizations will have to pay an estimated $2.3 million to post them. >> we have calls and people are throwing up their hands thinking what in the world is kind of
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going on? >> the sponsor of the bill says she may revise the mesh you in the upcoming legislation to exclude some facilities or provide money for those that are required to post the signs. as travelers get ready to visit family and friends, the transportation security administration or the tsa is warning people about what not to bring. they posted this, on instagram. it showed a giant teddy bear looking sad. the bear was abandoned by its owner when the tsa decided it was too big for a carry on. he even bought a ticket for the bear. they decided this one was too big to get on the plane. they offered to check the bear instead and the owner decomplained however his extra ticket was refunded. the tsa is reminding people to
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check with their airline for large items even if they are stuffed . auto father's proud moment of his two sons going viral. daniel medina posted this picture. it shows his sons helping a man in a wheelchair shoveling their sidewalk. they were driving and his sons asked to pull over to help. he call tropical disturbance a proud dad moment. >> and we can see why. >> nice of those kids. good boys there. time to get a check of the roads tonight. matt pellman is standing by with an update. >> reporter: none of that pesky white stuff but don't worry brian and sharrie there are plenty of other things in the way like a crash on 95 southbound in delaware. it's just south of mlk boulevard and fourth street as you head toward newport and 5 miles per
4:45 pm
hour coming down from marsh road. the lane is clocked. 495 southbound is much better. and just before 3:00 there was a fatal accidents along route 4, new part pike near saint matthews catholic church and stay on route 2 to get around it. before we leave delaware, we have the building fire closing chapel street and stick with library avenue to get around that. weather like this our cars don't want to run as much as we don't want to run. a broken down vehicle along 95 approaching broad street. that is causing delays south of penn's landing, the big picture a crash on the end of the ram at the boulevard extension in east falls and a pair of problems on route 29, upper hanover on gravel pike and pennsburg main street that portion of 29 is closed and dot street a local
4:46 pm
alternate. we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> see you then thank you. we have a warning here this evening, if you have to get holiday shopping done, like we do. some of those lease to own programs may look like a good deal but could ends up costing you more than you think. >> stepping outside sky 6 hd looking live at the ben franklin bridge here, meteorologist, adam joseph, coming up with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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so it's cold out there today we know that. it's the wind that is so biting. >> it rides right through you and if you don't have something covering your extremities like the fingertips or face or nose it's brutal out there and stays
4:49 pm
that way through tomorrow morning and changes for the weekend. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan at least we are dry and not dealing with snow squalls or a snow storm at this point linked with this really brutal air. we'll be tracking a messy mix as we go through the up coming weekend. but for right now, it feels like 1 in reading and 5 in philadelphia and 7 below in the poconos, 8 in dover and 5 at the atlantic city airport. and catching a wind off the bay that bumps the number off just a little bit. the ocean temperatures are in the 40s. cape may feels like 13 degrees, still pretty harsh. as we look at satellite and radar we had sunshine this morning and the clouds erupted with the clouds coming in from the great lakes and lake-effect snow showers that fell apart. and flames in philadelphia earlier this afternoon and now that the sun is getting lower and setting pretty much losing that cloud cover out there.
4:50 pm
bitterly cold and windchills at zero in much of the area with air temperatures between 10 and 15 and winds go back after of where they were today in the 40s, and winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. as we get into your friday, northwest winds. windchilled in the afternoon near 20 degrees, you add a good 15 or degrees from what we had this afternoon. between about 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning we start to break precipitation out from the southwest. it could begin right as rain in the far southern areas, philadelphia and wilmington starting at snow saturday at 6:00 a.m. through the lehigh valley. and then a transition to sleet and freezing rain and then eventually rain at 11:00 in the morning it's warm enough to be
4:51 pm
rain in the area as the warm air wins out over the existing arctic air, but to get through that period there will be a proses here through saturday morning through mid-day, from snow to sleet to freezing rain to rain. a quick process philadelphia south, a slower pros et up towards the lehigh valley. and saturday afternoon into saturday night. a lull the rain stops and temperatures warm and fog develops where there is snow on the ground to the north and west. and then on sunday morning, temperatures will be near 60 degrees if you wake up early on sunday morning, with rain developing once again it's a pretty wet weekend overall and sunday the temperatures are crashing into the 40s and 30s. and with the front end snow before it flips over to rain for everybody, again really nothing maybe a coating at best near millville and dover and all points to the south. wilmington and trenton maybe an inch before the change over and there is the 3 inch line through
4:52 pm
reading and allentown and up to the poconos to see about 5 inches of snow before it mixes up there. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 28 tomorrow but less wind. if you are out early saturday morning especially philadelphia north and west it's a little dicey early and then it will change to rain at 48 degrees. mild early sun 60 and crashing temperatures in the afternoon sunday and a rainy day especially the first half of the day before cold air sets back in monday and tuesday and the first day of winter quiet at 42 and more rain possible on thursday with temperatures above average of 46 degrees, unfortunately we cannot link big storms with the cold at this point and moving forward it looks like the warm air may win out through christmas. >> all right adam thank you. what's the deal is coming up next.
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there is an attempting new way to do your shopping at big box retailers. >> get the big television or the bedroom without really buying it. >> we are talking about lease to own programs and consumer reports has a warning, these programs could end up costing you two to three more than what it costs outright. imagine walking out with one of these items without paying full price that day. the program ran by tempo is used by kmart and sears and other retail stores. here is how it works, customers must agree to lease items for 5 to 18 months during which times the products can be turned.
4:56 pm
>> they target people with little or no cash but can leave the store that day with the merchandise. >> the lease deal on this $750 tv at kx mart. you pay 624 after five months and if you choose to buy it it costs an additional $412 totalling more than $1,000. and you pay three and a half times the initial price tag. >> that is a credit card with interest rate of more than 200%. >> in a statement tempo says it's a great alternative when there is a need for the customer to take home what they want the consumer reports says it may be better to steer clear. >> kmart and sears say that sales people are trained to explain the program.
4:57 pm
in most states the lease to own program allow them an early purchase program at 5% to 10% above the purchase price. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 today. for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me with sharrie and ducis rogers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> rachael: do you have a cratchphrase? >> yes. >> rachael: apparentliee we are not going to share. will this secret santa mystery taster wind up on my naughty list
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. i got my therapyales and sweater and scarf and coat and hoody. >> thick gloves and coat and hat and underarmor underneath. and thick socks. >> now with the sunsetting it's about to feel colder. windchills hover around zero. our region is preparing for another round of snow. the big story is the "action news" forecast. >> lets go to meteorologist, cecily tynan, live at the big board with the latest on the frigid digits. >> temperatures are dropping
5:00 pm
through the day right now down to 21 in philadelphia and 18 in reading and millville 20 and trenton 20 and atlantic city airport 20 degrees and it's wind is a big factor and winds are howling reported 45 miles per hour in philadelphia up to 52 in the poconos, you factor in the strong winds and this is the way it feels right now, it feels like 5 in philadelphia and 1 in reading and 1 below in lancaster and 4 in wilmington and 7 degrees below zero in the poconos. and tonight prepare for the coldest december temperature in 8 years, the low plummeting all the way down to 15 degrees and then the winds will be diminish and we still have a bit of a breeze and the windchills tomorrow morning when you step outside tougher than today. windchills in the single digits. philadelphia up across the northwest suburbs, windchills 0 owe 5 below and then the lehigh


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